The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Classic Car

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Classic Car

Why Does An Older Model Become A Classic?

Car enthusiasts, most importantly classic car enthusiasts, want to purchase a classic car because of its value not only in worth but also in history.

A classic car is a vehicle which has stood the test of time, its design both internally and externally alongside its sound and drivability make it a motor vehicle which is ageless.

Of course, finding the right classic car parts can be difficult, as a classic car is one which has gone out of production.

There are not many importers of classic car parts, especially in South Africa, meaning that finding a reliable one can often seem unlikely.

However, when choosing to look at V8 Shoppe, you will see that their enthusiasm and love of classic cars is what gives them the drive to import and supply classic car parts in Johannesburg.

The big question here though is what makes a car classic though?

What sets a classic car apart from an old car and what makes its value go up?

What Makes A Car Classic?

For one, a classic car needs to be older than 20 years. On top of this, the design for the classic car has to be like the original, another reason why finding classic car parts in Johannesburg, and other parts of the country and world, is difficult.

Its condition needs to be top quality in order for it to be even be thought to be considered a classic car.

As we know, not all classic and muscle car parts can be found and therefore not all classic cars are 100% authentic to the original design.

The interior should also be as close to the original as possible with the upholstery being in tip-top shape.

Of course just because it is a classic, with classic car parts and all, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of value. What makes a classic car valuable then?

When a classic car is able to move and be driven, the value of the car will go up. Finding the right importers of classic car parts will ensure that you will be able to get the car going if it isn’t already.

The rarity of a classic car also pushes the value up as if there were not many made, as well as there not being many left, the car itself is something which is not easily found.

The rarer the classic car, the more difficult it could be to find classic car parts, however, V8 Shoppe is able to find pretty much any classic and muscle car parts in order to get you on the road.

As with its rarity, the more popular the car is, the higher the price will be for the classic car.

Finally, when the car was first up for sale, was it considered to be an every person car, or was it made to be a luxury vehicle, designed and sold to those who could afford expensive cars.

All of these factors will decide how valuable a classic car is and this will also bump up the prices of classic car parts as if the car itself is rare, think about how rare the parts could be.

If you are a car enthusiast the prices are not really an issue. What may be an issue is finding a reliable and efficient importer of classic car parts.

The reason for this is that you may find a supplier, but if the parts do not match the classic car, and most importantly do not help the car to work, you will have wasted money.

How do you find the right supplier of classic and muscle car parts though?

V8 Shoppe is an importer and supplier of classic car parts in Johannesburg and understands that if you love classic cars as much as they do, your goal is to get it on the road and in pristine condition.

Contact V8 Shoppe for your classic and muscle car parts needs.

The Importance Of Driving Your Classic Car

A big part of owning a classic car is keeping it in mint condition. The problem here is that many people may feel that by keeping a classic car inside, covered and clean, that it will stay in good condition.

The issue here is that if you do not drive your classic car, it will not be able to be driven as the gears will not be oiled and lubricated and the engine will need to be charged.

It may actually cost you even more if you do to drive it as you will have to replace your classic car parts if and when you decide to start diving it.

Driving your classic car around once in a blue moon will help to keep the entire vehicle moving and running as smoothly as possible.

Of course, don’t think that it will be able to travel along dirt roads and up mountains without it either getting stuck to having a few scratches.

Keeping it on roads which are in good condition will keep your classic car in the best condition possible.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Classic Cars

Although there are many advantages to owning a classic car, like most things in life, there are some drawbacks which even the most excited car enthusiast will have to consider before walking down this path.

Cars, vintage, classic, or not, have their positives and negatives, making it somewhat of a risky yet beneficial hobby to spend your time and money on.

Regardless of classic car parts being difficult to find, looking at the pros and cons and weighing up the odds, will help you to understand why this passion is so widespread yet niche at the same time.


Owning and maintaining classic cars, buying classic car parts and understanding the history of classic cars all helps you to become a part of a community which understands your triumphs and struggles.

Joining such a community helps you to navigate the classic car world during car shows and events.

Having friends in the community makes you feel as if you belong and can help you when trying to find businesses who supply classic and muscle car parts.

The pride you will feel when you drive your classic car around, seeing your community praise you for the hard work and dedication you’ve put into the car, makes it that much sweeter.

Uncomplicated Systems

If you are a beginner or are experienced in fixing and repairing cars, the benefit of purchasing and maintaining classic cars is that the classic car parts are actually easy to use.

This means that you will not only be able to enjoy the classic car itself, but you will also be able to enjoy the repairing of the car as it is uncomplicated and quite straightforward.

Once you have found importers of classic car parts you will be able to jump into working on the vehicle, getting it primed and ready for your Sunday drives.

V8 Shoppe has a wide variety of classic car parts to choose from and if they don’t have it in-store, they are more than happy to import it from across the globe.

Their love of classic cars is what makes them one of the best classic car parts suppliers in South Africa.


As mentioned above, classic cars can cost a large sum of money, however, classic and muscle car parts, and the cars themselves, increase in value as the years go on.

Of course, the value of the cars will also go up if the classic car is kept in working and pristine order, as buyers are much more willing to pull money out of their pockets for a functional vehicle.

If you are someone who looks to the future, thinking of buying, fixing and maintaining classic cars, and then selling them, you will always come out with a profit.

Classic cars are good pieces of assets to have for when you decide to sell them.


Interestingly enough, classic cars are not that expensive to insure, where the thought maybe that they will cost more money to ensure than vehicles of today.

Of course, depending on which classic or muscle car you have, the insurance may vary as some cars may be seen to be safer than others.

Regardless of this, you will not really be paying to much in terms of insurance, which allows you to focus your time on buying classic and muscle car parts and working on your rides.

V8 Shoppe is also experienced in helping you to choose the best parts for your specific classic car, meaning that you will not be left in the dark when it comes to fixing your vehicle.


Depending on which vintage car you’ve purchased, overall, the classic car parts are usually quite const efficient, being lower in price than present-day car parts.

The reason for this is that classic car parts are much simpler than parts of today, making it cheaper, however, sometimes harder to find.

You may think that it is hard to find classic car parts in Johannesburg but by looking at V8 Shoppe, you will see just how easy and affordable the classic car experience is.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of classic car buying and repairing, or you have been in the game for years, it is hard to find importers of classic car parts. Well, V8 Shoppe has made it that much easier.

If they don’t have it, they will do their very best to find it.

Higher Maintenance

Although these are all positives, there is the issue of classic cars needing much more maintenance than current cars today.

The reason for this is that they are old, and the parts which you use may not be in the best condition.

The other reason is that classic cars aren’t driven all the time meaning that lubrication and the engine is not being used correctly.

Yes, buying the right classic car parts will make the car run smoother and for longer, but at the end of the day the repairing stage of the car will be far more frequent.

Classic car enthusiasm is a lifestyle not a once-off thing. If this is your first time getting into classic cars be sure to realise how much time and dedication you will have to put in.

Not Environmentally Friendly

A big issue, especially in the modern era is that classic cars are not designed to be environmentally friendly like cars are made to be today.

Where it can be difficult to find classic car parts, it is also difficult to find classic cars that will not affect the environment as harshly as they do.

However, the amount of time you use the classic car will also determine how big of an impact you are creating.


Finally, classic cars are not as safe as modern-day cars as they are not kitted out with safety and protection methods that we have today.

However, you are able to customise the interior of a classic car and you are able to add in safety features which can help you in times where accidents or risk is high.

Contact V8 Shoppe For More Information

V8 Shoppe is a supplier of classic car parts in Johannesburg, also supplying muscle car parts, all with the goal of making it easier for car enthusiasts to find what they are looking for.

If you have an appreciation for classic and muscle cars, and you are looking for specific parts for your cars, contact them here, V8 Shoppe, for more information.

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