A Pony for the People, An Icon for the Enthusiast

A Pony for the People, An Icon for the Enthusiast

When I was younger, I made a deal with myself that I would only ever own Fords until one day, I owned my very own Mustang. So far, and remaining decidedly Mustang-less, I’ve still only ever owned Fords – even if they were a Ford KA and Ford Figo. Keeping my dream alive, I thought I’d find out more about the O.G Mustang that stole everyone’s heart –  Ford’s first pony, the 1964 Mustang.

A Revolutionary Year

The Vietnam War was raging, giving rise to several anti-war movements whilst Martin Luther King Jr’s peaceful campaigns against inequality and racism won him the Nobel Peace Prize. The first Mustang came out in August and one can speculate that the car became so renowned and loved for the passion and revolution that 1964 stood for.

Size Matters, Price Too

The goal, as per then Ford executive Lee Laccoca, was to design a car of smaller dimensions and lighter mass with a length of approximately 4.5 metres. The original marketing strategy was to have the ‘Pony Car’ appeal to women whilst still being a drive that men could appreciate. The Ford was designed to be affordable and sophisticated enough to appeal to a broad target market.

Choices Abound

For vehicle enthusiasts, the choices that the 1964 Mustang offered were irresistible. Coupe or convertible? A variety of diverse engine selections, including a 170ci / 2.8L 105hp-producing straight six, as well as a trio of V8 motors left motorists eager to choose their vehicle. The Mustang came with other available customizations for the exterior which left consumers feeling as if they had something truly unique – which they did.

A Star is Born

A Poppy Red Mustang made its debut on the big screen on September 9, 1964. Driven by Nicole Cruchot, the Mustang convertible featured in the French comedy Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez/The Troops of St. Tropez. Without many changes to the exterior design, the 1965 model that proceeded the first Ford Mustang, featured in the Bond film, Thunderball. And so, a star that would become an icon was born.

For the Icon Investors

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