The Lure of the American Muscle Car

Since Henry Ford’s model T first rolled off of the factory line a hundred and ten years ago, the United States has fostered an enthusiasm and talent for building timeless muscle cars. Many of the models on the roads today are owned by collectors and outfitted with classic car parts that have been refurbished and brought into the modern world, bringing power, style and sophistication along with them.

What Makes a Muscle Car?

The term muscle car is not interchangeable with anything else. It gives a very specific description of American cars that offer high performance and power. There are a few things that a car must have to be included as part of this definition.

They should:

  • Be American made;
  • Be medium sized;
  • Have two doors;
  • Contain a powerful, high performance engine.

With this description in mind it is easy to recognise creations from companies like Ford and Dodge as muscle-cars; and you can start seeing what other types of cars fit the description.

The Pioneer: The First Muscle Car

There isn’t exactly a solid consensus on which car was the first bona-fide muscle car, which is fair enough since these vehicles have a fairly long and complicated history. However, the 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 (for all those Evil Dead fans) is widely regarded as the grandfather of the muscle car.

The Most Sought After American Muscle Car

Moving about 20 years forward, muscle cars begin to pop up all over the United States in a response to a heightened desire for speed and power on the open road. While many different types graced the market in that time, few of them could hold a candle to the 1970 Plymouth Superbird, which is still regarded today (some 40 years later) as the most remarkable and radical muscle car to emerge from the United States.

Dodge being the exceptional producer that they are also released the Dodge Daytona in 1969, which is also, still widely regarded as one of the best muscle cars that money can buy.

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The history of the American muscle car is a long and interesting one, and could regale us with endless tales of power, speed and freedom to travel the road in whatever way you choose to.

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