The Importance of Air Cleaners

The Importance of Air Cleaners

Let’s face it having a muscle car or Racing car hobby is quite expensive. With thousands of Rands spent on building up your dream Classic, Muscle or Hotrod vehicle, you would want to ensure it is well protected.

Not having an air cleaner or having a low-quality air cleaner will lead to the engine of your car suffocating. Starving the engine’s cylinders of air will severely affect its combustion ability, as a result your engine performance will decrease significantly.

What are Air Cleaners made of?

Air Cleaners such as the Ford Race Air Cleaner are available at the V8 Shoppe. Air Cleaners are made from specific fibrous paper filters that catch small to large particles in the air, anything from dust, rocks, pollen or other debris flying off the tar will be caught by the air cleaner keeping your engine running smoother for longer.

Benefits of Air Cleaners

Air cleaners like the Ford Racing Air cleaner is made from high quality steel and finished with a chrome plating, not only lasting long but also looking great on your American Classic.

Another benefit of a quality air cleaner is that it has shown to improve acceleration, some test results show quite a significant increase in horsepower (between 6 and 11 percent) when an above average air cleaner is installed on your fuel-injected car.

Not only will you have more horsepower under the hood your car will show a noticeable increase in mileage, making spending a little extra on a quality air cleaner worth it.

Air Cleaner Maintenance

Air cleaners do need to be cleaned or replaced depending on how often the car is used and what type of conditions it is used under. Just as you would service and clean the rest of your car so should your air cleaner be maintained for optimal results.

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